Name: Mariah
Age: 18
State: Minnesota
RSN: Owlrighty


lol it’s been literally for fucking EVER. 
who’s still here? hopefully not mary lol 

Jesus fucking Christ. 
I’m just trying to get some membership. 
Why does their billing method have to be so lame. 

~If You Play Runescape~


Reblog if you play Runescape, because I want to follow all of you.


topics of conversation i have seen today while cooking in f2p

  • illuminati/free masons
  • dick size
  • anime
  • jail
  • sports
  • runescape relationships
  • justin bieber and weed
  • call of duty
  • evolution vs creation
  • how “uber gay” canada is
  • weed

edit: they just spent a good 10 minutes arguing over pubic hair

You cooked inside me 

Yeah, the new butterfly emote is really cool… EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT I HAVE A PHOBIA OF BUTTERFRLIES???

~Another RS Blog~: Once upon a time my brother was invited to a guy’s poh to “double” his...


Once upon a time my brother was invited to a guy’s poh to “double” his dragon chainbody. They told him to take it off, place it on the table, do an emote and he’d have two. So he took it off, placed a pineapple he had in his inventory (from farming) on the table, and did the emote. The second the…